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The Rotary Club of Doncaster St. George's

Welcome and information

Welcome - Help us make a difference

In the Rotary Club of Doncaster St. George's we make a difference to our community through fellowship.  You can help us by joining us for our fund raising events or by letting us help you make a difference in Doncaster

Making a difference - raising money in Doncaster

We often hold entertaining fund raising events in Doncaster.  You help us to make a difference by supporting one of these like 

Making a difference - giving in Doncaster

  • Our Community Grants scheme helps you make a difference in Doncaster.  See how we helped a weekly group for refugee and asylum seekers, who want to practice their English and get more support by giving a community grant to Doncaster Conversation Club

Making a difference - Internationally

  • The work of Rotary, including the PolioPlus programme to eliminate polio
  • Our links with the Rotary Club of Hemer, Germany
  • Our project to provide Freeplay Foundation radios

Making a difference through fellowship - the Social side of Rotary

You may also be interested in our section About Rotary or to find out About Doncaster St George's or even considering Becoming a Rotarian by Joining our club.  Have a look around the rest of this site.